Discover the Montessori Method

At Spring Valley Montessori School, we offer a rich Montessori-based curriculum designed to suit each child's individual learning styles and needs.
Las Vegas Primary Program

Primary Program

At Spring Valley Montessori, we recognize the potential of the child and his or her desire to learn. We offer a nurturing and educational program ensuring an individualized academic environment, which promotes independence and optimum scholastic achievement.

Our teachers emphasize moral instruction, tolerance and kindness to all children. Our school curriculum is Montessori based wherein the children learn the areas of Practical Life, Language Arts, Mathematics, Geometry, Cosmic Education, Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry. We utilize hands on Montessori materials along with supplemental materials to fulfill the Nevada State Registry requirements. The Elementary Department accepts children from Infants through Eighth Grade.

Las Vegas Music


Our music program is very important part of our school. Daily singing of songs such as The 50 States, The Seven Continents, Oceans, Planets, Math Facts, and Time on the Clock help the children learn and memorize important facts about their world. Listening and moving to different genres of musical composition, helps to develop the children's awareness and love of music. We also offer Music with a special qualified instructor that visits once a week as an extra curricular activity.

Las Vegas Special Languages

Special Languages

We are pleased that Spring Valley Montessori has evolved into an international school. We have children enrolled from all over the world and we encourage each child to be proud of his or her culture. We teach the basics of many different languages such as Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Serbian and French. The main language we teach with basic communications skills is Spanish. We also offer Sign Language classes once a week as an extra curricular activity.

Las Vegas Art


We introduce the children to artists from the different continents we are studying as well as to the various forms of art. We encourage the children to be creative and appreciate art. Stimulating the creative mind is the key to learning. We nurture self-expression in all children. We introduce Theatre, Dance, and Creative Writing. The school has a special gymnastic and dance instructor who visits the school once a week as an extra curricular activity.

Las Vegas Celebrations & Performances

Celebrations & Performances

We celebrate holidays from around the world with costumes, food, and ceremony. Potluck meals are opportunities for families to get to know one another. In addition, students produce theatrical or musical performances throughout the year, enhancing their educational experience with an opportunity to share with their families.

Las Vegas Science & History

Science & History

Children learn by starting at the beginning with the origins of the universe sand the formation of the solar systems. Time lines, charts, and research cards on advancement of civilizations help children to study areas of interest. Different periods of history are explored broadly, and students pursue many areas in depth.

Las Vegas Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness

Your child will have the opportunity to develop a wide variety of physical skills such as: running, climbing, dancing, throwing, catching, and bicycling. We have P.E. once a week with a special activity such as tag games, soccer, basketball, and many more. We have special emphasis on learning good sportsmanship and concentrating on working together as a team.

Las Vegas Parental Involvement

Parental Involvement

We encourage parents to get involved. Throughout the year, parents are invited to conferences, activities and open houses. In addition, the students have benefited from special visits from parents sharing cultural and travel experiences. Observation rooms are available for parents to watch how their child interacts both socially and academically, independent of their presence.

Las Vegas Toddler Program

Toddler Program

Children benefit from new experiences when delivered in a loving and secure environment. Our goals include helping your child to become a happy and productive individual by teaching him or her to work independently, as well as cooperatively with others.

We promote independence, respect for others and the environment and help develop motor skills. We also assist in toilet training your child.

Las Vegas After School Program

After School Program

We offer computer-based programs and ceramics among our after-school activities. Please contact us if you have any specific requests or questions.

Las Vegas Application Process

Application Process

We evaluate applications and conduct interviews throughout the year. Contact us to receive an application or to schedule an interview. We can also arrange a tour of the facility and introduce prospective students, and their parents to members of our administration.

Las Vegas Registration


A non-refundable registration fee of $200.00 is due upon enrollment. If a waiting list exists, the fee guarantees your child's spot will be held until is availability. There is a yearly registration fee of $150.00 per child.